We want to create a safe, transparent and sustainable market for learning music.

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More Music Technologies

More Music Technologies is an organisation developing a double-sided platform connecting music tutors and students for all ages with each other. We exist to strengthen the music teaching profession and make music teaching more accessible to the general population.

The team


We are developing innovative tools for teachers and students. Our web-based tools and interfaces ensure it is fun and easy to have music lessons.


The teachers are our greatest assets and enhancing their visibility in the market are important for us. By using the right marketing tools, online as well as offline, we are improving the student base.


Our calendar and booking system is easy to use. We developed the system to ensure that every lesson is properly planned and easily paid for. The flow in our system enables our teachers to do what they do best - to teach music.


Our custom-built Online Classroom is specially designed for remote music teaching (very useful during COVID-19), enabling a broader choice for students and increased reach for tutors, giving the best possible chances for a great match.



Lessons Taught


The start of the Journey

The company was founded by Asbjørn Nørgaard Blakstad in 2014. His vision was to make a difference for music teachers and to create a web-based platform that could add value to the private music industry.
His mission was clear:

  • Hire a developer to create the first draft of the platform
  • Find a lot of teachers
  • Get experience in supporting the teachers and students

Building a strong foundation

We always had big ambitions and dreams for our platform. During the first years we worked hard to build a strong foundation in four countries.

We are currently online in

  • UK (MusicTutors.co.uk)
  • DK (Musikundervisning.dk)
  • NL (Muziekonderwijs.nl)
  • NO (Musikk-undervisning.no)

Fine-tuning the platform

After some challenging years we are now fine tuning the platform to reach the level we always dreamed of. During the last years, our company have become a high-tech data driven IT company with music as our motivation. As a respond to COVID, and the need for an online video platform, we developed our own OnlineClassRoom in 2019/20. In 2020 we acquired MusicTeachers.co.uk and are in the midst of migrating the platform to MusicTutors.co.uk.

  • OnlineClassRoom
  • Group Lessons
  • Chat system
  • Acquisition of MusicTeachers.co.uk

Expansion and further development

We now have proof of concept in our current markets (UK, DK, NO and NL) and we are ready to expand.

Our goals is to become the largest music learning platform in Europe. During the next few years we will expand to even more markets and continue to develop our products to match the needs of our consumers.


  • Expansion to Sweden
  • Gamefication
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Co-creation


Here you can see images of our platform and the users using it.

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  • Company

Interactive Piano

Online Class Room


Online Class Room

Danish drummer Mikas


Danish team in 2018


UK teacher in action



Find the perfect match



Thousands of music teachers


10.000 students in the UK


Danish guitar player Tobias



A dedicated to make the market for private music education more diverse, accessible, and sustainable.

Signe Tobiassen

Chief Executive Officer

Asbjørn Blakstad

Chief Technical Officer And Founder

Noah Plehwe

Data Analyst

Filip Koch Gregersen

Country Manager (Denmark)

Nirina Hestad Riise

Country Manager (Norway)

Laurine Brugman

Country Manager (The Netherlands)

Alex Wibrew

CEO (The UK)

James Jelliman

Support (The UK)