We want to be the leading marketplace for private music education.


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We are developing a double-sided marketplace (B2C + B2B2C) that easily connects private music educators and students, while also simplifying administrational work for the teachers, so they can spend more time on what they do best: teaching music.

The team

Tools & interfaces

We are creating cutting-edge tools for educators and learners. Our web-based platforms and interfaces guarantee an enjoyable and effortless experience for music tuition.

Marketing setup

The teachers are our most valuable assets, and enhancing their visibility in the market is of utmost importance to us. Through the strategic use of appropriate marketing tools, both online and offline, we aim to expand and enrich our student base.


Calendar and booking system

Our calendar and booking system is user-friendly. We have designed the system to guarantee proper lesson planning and seamless payment processing. The smooth flow of our system allows our teachers to focus on their core strength - imparting musical knowledge.


Our bespoke Online Classroom has been meticulously crafted for remote music instruction, proving particularly invaluable during the COVID-19 pandemic. It offers students a wider selection of options and provides tutors with an extended reach, maximizing the potential for successful connections.


Signe Tobiassen

CEO | More Music Group

Asbjørn Blakstad

CTO And Founder | More Music Group

Ben Lau

Software developer | More Music Group

Filip Koch Gregersen

Business controller | More Music Group

Alex Wibrew

CEO | MusicTeachers.co.uk

Helen Warburton

Teacher and Student Support | MusicTeacher.co.uk

James Jelliman

Technical and Administrative Support | MusicTeacher.co.uk

Callum Hamilton

Administrative Support | MusicTeacher.co.uk

We are online in four countries

The Commencement of the Voyage

The company was established by Asbjørn Nørgaard Blakstad in 2014. His objective was to have a positive impact on music educators and develop an internet-based platform that could enhance the private music sector.
His goals were straightforward:

  • Engage a developer to produce the initial version of the platform
  • Recruit numerous teachers
  • Gain experience in providing support to both teachers and students

Refining the Online Platform

After some challenging years, we fine-tuned the platform to reach the level we had always dreamed of. During the previous years, our company had become a high-tech data-driven IT company with music as our motivation. In response to COVID and the need for an online video platform, we developed our own OnlineClassRoom in 2019/20. In 2020, we acquired MusicTeachers.co.uk.

We are currently online in

  • UK (MusicTeachers.co.uk)
  • DK (Musikundervisning.dk)
  • NL (Muziekonderwijs.nl)
  • NO (Musikk-undervisning.no)

The Merge

In early 2022 we undertook a significant task of merging a newly built web platform into the domain of MusicTeachers.co.uk. Let me tell you, it was quite a challenging job that required meticulous planning and execution to ensure a smooth transition while safeguarding against any loss of traffic.

With our expertise in data migration and seamless integration, we embarked on this ambitious project. Our primary goal was to consolidate our newly developed web platform with the existing MusicTeachers.co.uk domain, creating a unified and enhanced user experience for music enthusiasts and educators alike.

The process of merging the platforms involved carefully migrating vast amounts of data, ensuring the seamless transfer of information from the previous system to the new one. We employed advanced techniques and conducted rigorous testing to guarantee the accuracy and integrity of the data throughout the migration process.

Teacher Feedback Drives Revolutionary Flow for Lesson Offers

After the successful merge of MusicTutors and MusicTeachers, we received tremendous feedback from British music teachers. Inspired by their input, we embarked on a significant IT project to revolutionize the way music lesson offers were sent and received.

We designed and developed a new flow that streamlined the entire process. Excitingly, we launched this game-changing feature in the fall of 2023. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, empowering both teachers and students to connect and engage in music education like never before. Together, we are shaping the future of music learning.


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