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We ensure that more children and adults learn to play an instrument and/or learn to sing

About MoreMusic.io

MoreMusic.io is an organisation devoted to help music teachers and students in Europe. Getting more people involved with music is our main goal. We wish to ensure that everyone will experience the joy of playing and singing with friends and family.


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What We Do

We sell music lessons with our skilled and experienced music teachers. Our modern web-based platform provides our teachers and students with the foundation to create fantastic music experiences.

Online in Denmark, the Netherlands Norway and the UK.

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Tools & interfaces
We are developing innovative tools for teachers and students. We have ongoing development of our web-based tools and interfaces which ensure it is fun and easy to have music lessons.
Marketing setup
The teachers are our greatest assets and enhancing their visibility in the market are important for us. By using the right marketing tools, online as well as offline, we are improving the student base.
A great platform
We strive to be the best web-based music platform in the world by continuously developing and creating new services for our teachers and students.
The student dashboard
We have created an interactive solution for our student dashboard thus enhancing the user experience. The students can personalize their dashboard to fit their needs and get a full overview of their lessons, the services provided by pur platform, and interact with other students in our online community.
Calendar and booking system
Our calendar and booking system is easy to use. We developed the system to ensure that every lesson is properly planned and easily paid for. The flow in our system enables our teachers to do what they do best - to teach music.
We provide personal support in every country we are operating in. The personal support system ensures that every child, youngster, and adult are given the best possible experience when getting lessons from us.


Jan Thomas Sørbø
Filip Koch
Country Manager in DK
Alex Wibrew
Country Manager in UK
Laurine Brugman
Country Manager in NL

Tech team

Asbjørn Eggers
Founder // Fullstack developer

Fullstack developer

Noah Plehwe
PPC manager

Linea Millard
Digital marketing manager

Shareholders, board and financial support

The Danish Growth Fund

Ditlev Bredahl

Janus Benn Sørensen

Søren Christiansen